Bay Realty Apartments

Bay Realty Apartments services the student rental market in Boston’s most desirable areas including Boston’s Beacon Hill, Back Bay, North End and Kenmore Square neighborhoods.

For many student renters, an apartment in Boston is their first experience living in an urban setting, in a multi-resident dwelling and away from home. To help ease this transition for new tenants and to continue servicing renewing tenants, Bay Realty Apartments provides a myriad of informational tools and services including a web accessed Tenant Portal. Tenant Portal is the one stop resource for all information about the renter’s account with Bay Realty Apartments, including the ability to report any service issue and to receive messages from the Bay Realty Property Manager.

In addition to Tenant Portal, Bay Realty’s expert property management team works to provide quality support for and attention to tenant needs. Bay Realty Apartments strives to be “Your trusted source for Boston’s best apartments.”