Brokers: February 10, 2012

Attention Brokers:

In this lease packet you will find all the documents necessary to complete a Bay Realty Lease Packet. The following forms are required to be filled out. As you complete the required forms please check it off on the line provided below. Please turn in this checklist, checking off the included items, with all the required forms.   Please Print Checklist Here

1. Contact Information sheet Contact Instructions
2. Rental Application Application Instructions
3. Copy of I.d’s of Applicants Copy I.Ds Instructions
4. First month’s rent #4 Form Instructions
5. Cosigner Form(email/fax back immediately) #5 Form Instructions
6. Original notarized Cosigner Form(with copy of photo ID’s within 4 days)
7. Credit check (credit check on cosigners if no cosigners then on renters)
8. Standard Lease Lease Instructions
9. Bay Realty Lease Addendum Addendum Instructions
10. Apartment Condition Statement A.C.S.F Instructions
11. Rent & Security Deposit Receipt Security Dep. Instructions
12. Lead Law Notification Lead form Instructions
13. Mold Addendum Mold Form Instructions
14. Open Flame Policy Form Instructions
15. Apartment Entry Form Entry Form instructions
16. Renters Insurance Rent Ins. Instructions
17. Broker Bill Broker Bill Instructions
18. Non-Refundable Form

All Forms are downloadable and are available on on the documents tab.

Please make copies for your office!

Please have all agents register immediately to use our site so that they can have access to all of our listing updates and modifications in real time. When you are entering our listings in your company database please include a link to so that agents will not have to call to get updates and showing procedures, tenants email and cells, price changes (which will happen randomly and frequently, both up and down). Every office should get a “full set of Bay Realty’s keys from 7A’s locksmith (617.254.3742) 6 Glenvile Avenue, Allston MA.

Instruct all agents that they must TEXT all the present tenants of their showing in advance.